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Want to buy 1 million Youtube views? Have you got a YouTube channel, but you need to get more views or ranking? You’re doing your best, and your videos are good quality, but people need to see them. In this article, we’ll chat about that.

YouTube is the world’s most widely used search engine for visual and video content, and users are searching for videos in a variety of fields, including

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Information
  • Lifestyle
  • Marketing

However, YouTube’s policy and process are like other search engines, which only display the most popular and highest-ranking videos. As a result, many people cannot contact a YouTube video if the channel is new, there is a lot of competition, or there are already many other videos on the same topic.

To talk about this issue, YouTube mentions that YouTube channels increase their views, as this will increase the chance of their videos appearing in search results and recommendation lists. If you choose to invest in views, you can expect a major increase in your visibility.

Getting more views on YouTube is tough, especially when there’s so much competition. But, there is a quick and easy way to get more views in a short amount of time. Then, there is an easy way that buys 1 million YouTube views.

The Trustable Sites to buy one million YouTube Views

We provide this information to assist you in avoiding frauds that could damage your channel. To ensure they can securely fulfill their commitments, they put companies selling views through testing. 

Here are the top 3 reliable sellers to buy 1 million YouTube views, according to BuyViewsReview:

  1. Devumi

The first is Devumi, which has a 100% money-back guarantee, which is standard for these services. For most orders, they complete them in a fair amount of time—on average, 3 to 4 months—and you can take advantage of the free video SEO service. They have trustable customer service, and you can buy 1 million YouTube views for just $3,497 on Devumi.

  1. BuyViews

BuyViews helps you to buy 1 million views on YouTube without any hits to your channel. It offers a 100% money-back guarantee, but its period of completion is slightly lower. You can also buy likes and comments to get social promotion options. The price range starts from $4,000 on BuyViews.

  1. FastFollowerz

There is a 100% money-back promise with FastFollowerz. Although they can deliver on their promises, they are ranked third because they are only somewhat safe.

Additionally, they appear to give low-retention views, which can harm your channel. Their range starts from $2,800, less than the two higher-ranked options.

Who Will Help Me Get 1 Million Views On Youtube?

SocialRush has a great name in this area and has always given their clients great views. They offer different packages for getting views, and you buy up to 1 million views on YouTube. Only a few sites that have always given their clients great views a great deal, and it helps your channel.

Do buying views increase my subscribers and likes?

Yes, if you want to turn your YouTube channel into a genuine and dependable income stream, you will need to invest a small amount of money first to reap the rewards later. 

Therefore, it is worth investing in a million YouTube views that will lead you to outstanding success. The most important thing to remember is to be confident in buying them and doing it correctly.

Of course, yes, 1 million views on your videos will bring you a lot of likes and followers and inspire people to comment on your videos and get involved with them.

Can Buying Views Help My Youtube Channel? 

  • It is one of the best ways to kick-start a YouTube video. You start with a few thousand views instead of zero to get things moving quickly.
  • It also helps increase your social reliability. Simply put, you will appear more reliable so that people take you more seriously, get involved with your content, and even buy from your business or company.
  • It is a well-known fact that internet marketing campaigns are more noticeable in terms of their efficiency. It is due to the fact that having a more decent image will be central to a more successful marketing campaign, both on and off social media platforms.
  • On average, online sales and conversions go up by 27%. It is true for both e-commerce and indications.

Can Buying 1 Million Views Hit My Youtube Channel? 

  • The YouTube Views are not topic-specific. Your target is located, but most views you buy don’t result in conversions or leads.
  • These are the only services that give you an improvement. You still have to market and connect with your audience to succeed.
  • Buying YouTube views is not the most socially acceptable thing, so you must keep it to yourself if you do it.
  • There are a lot of cheap, low-quality YouTube views providers out there. Bots deliver these views and cause your video and account ban. Be sure to read reviews before placing an order, and check out our YouTube Views scams list for the bad actors we have encountered.


  1. How much does YouTube pay for 1 million views?

YouTube is one of the most popular and widely used platforms in the digital world. It is easy to earn money by increasing the number of views on your YouTube videos. The amount of money YouTube will pay you for a million views depends on the length of your content, the cost per click (CPC), the keyword search, the country, and your creativity.

  1. Is buying 1 million YouTube views safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe. Several customers continue to buy 100, 10,000, and even a million YouTube views. They are satisfied and happy with their purchase and have gained a ranking and more views.

  1. What if I lose views after buying?

We are always there for you. We deliver extra YouTube views to avoid loss. Secondly, these are real, non-drop views, so you will always get them. When you buy millions of views, we provide you with the best 24/7 customer service.


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