Basics Of Blogging Changed In 2024: Yes Or No?


Yes, the basics of Blogging have changed. Google has many updates rolled out in 2024, which changed traditional SEO and outranked many websites. These are the 2023 Google update lists.

November 2023 reviews update8-Nov-23Information
November 2023 core update2-Nov-23Information
October 2023 core update5-Oct-2313 days, 23 hours
The ranking is experiencing an ongoing issue5-Oct-2326 days
October 2023 spam update4-Oct-2315 days, 12 hours
September 2023 helpful content update14-Sep-2313 days, 11 hours
August 2023 core update22-Aug-2316 days, 3 hours
April 2023 reviews update12-Apr-2313 days, 2 hours
March 2023 core update15-Mar-2313 days, 7 hours
February 2023 product reviews update21-Feb-2314 days

Is SEO Fully Changed In 2023

In 2023, SEO has experienced notable shifts, yet it still needs to be a complete overhaul. Technology advancements have refined search algorithms, impacting SEO strategies. Understanding these changes is crucial:

  • Enhanced User Experience: SEO now emphasizes user-centricity, prioritizing user satisfaction and engagement.
  • AI Integration: Machine learning and AI-driven algorithms are reshaping SEO tactics, focusing on relevance and context.
  • Voice Search Optimization: As voice-based queries surge, optimizing for conversational queries becomes pivotal.


Automation Benefits: Tasks like metadata optimization and content auditing are automated, saving time and boosting efficiency.

Dynamic Content Optimization: AI dynamically optimizes content based on real-time performance data.

By leveraging AI’s capabilities, SEO professionals enhance their strategies, focusing on data-driven decisions and delivering relevant, valuable content to users, fostering better engagement and search visibility.

AI In Blogging

Enhanced SEO: AI assists in keyword research, optimizing content for search engines, and user intent.

Audience Understanding: AI-driven analytics provide insights into audience behavior, shaping content strategies.

Through AI, bloggers refine their approach, delivering targeted, high-quality content that resonates with audiences, driving better engagement and amplifying the blog’s visibility within the digital landscape.

AI Is Harmful In the Future For Content Writers

AI destroyed the content writer Because AI is better at optimizing content than humans. However, expert content writers are not killed early because now I make some mistakes.

Augmented Creativity: AI aids writers by offering data insights and creative suggestions, enhancing content quality.

Enhanced Efficiency: Automation assists in repetitive tasks, allowing writers to focus on higher-level creativity.

While AI’s evolution in content creation could alter specific writing dynamics, its integration is more of a tool augmenting rather than replacing the human touch in crafting compelling, authentic content.

Benefits of AI For Bloggers

Improved SEO Strategies: “AI tools” aid in keyword research and content optimization for better search visibility.

Personalized User Experience: AI algorithms help tailor content to specific audience preferences, boosting engagement.

Leveraging AI empowers bloggers to create more targeted, high-quality content, enabling better engagement with their audience and improving overall performance within the digital sphere.


I am going to write the articles on blogging for very beginers and it would be in very simple and easy steps. You guyz should see this article and after that I will make more articles on this for better understanding and learning.

Blogging is entirely dead after updates.

No, Blogging is not dead because:

  • Evolving: Blogs adapt to SEO changes, user preferences, and content trends.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Blogs foster dialogue, connecting brands with their audiences effectively.
  • Declaring Blogging obsolete doesn’t align with its continuous adaptation and significance in the digital sphere.

Is There Any Future In Blogging?

Continued Relevance: Blogging remains a pivotal tool for content dissemination and brand engagement.

Niche Growth: Specialised blogs cater to diverse interests, fostering engaged communities and audiences.

Looking Forward, Blogging Offers:

Sustainable Income: Successful bloggers generate revenue through various monetization avenues.

Evolving Platforms: Blogs adapt to emerging technologies and content formats, staying relevant.

The future of Blogging appears robust, offering opportunities for creators, businesses, and individuals to establish their online presence and engage with audiences effectively.

Do People Still Read Blogs?

Yes, people still read blogs for the following reasons:

Diverse Content Consumption: Audiences prefer varied content formats, including blogs, for information.

Niche Appeal: Specialised blogs cater to specific interests, attracting dedicated readerships.

Valuable Information: Blogs offer in-depth insights, tutorials, and expert opinions on diverse subjects.

Authenticity: Personal narratives and experiences shared in blogs resonate with readers, fostering connections.

Blogs maintain relevance by providing valuable, relatable, and informative content, ensuring continued readership and impact within the digital sphere.

Will Blogging Still Be Profitable In The Future?

What kind of Blogging is extinct?

Blogging as a one-stop shop – Every blogger’s dream used to be to become the go-to blog for anything relevant to their niche. Targeting large niches and competing against well-established websites will fail today.

Increasing the number of postings – Pumping out truckloads of posts only to get traffic is a fading habit. The only reason it worked in the past was that there needed to be more decent information on the internet to suit searchers’ needs.

Using click-bait headlines – Search engines such as Google can now determine whether or not people had a favourable experience with your site. If you rely on click-bait titles to drive traffic and rank higher, your content’s performance will suffer quickly. 

Should Beginners Start Blogging in 2024? How Do They Do It?

Yes, the ideal moment to start a blog is right now. Many new bloggers continue to make Blogging a profitable full-time job. And if you’re committed and prepared to put in the effort, you, too, may join them.


If you want design a Blog for beginners in 2024. Then this article is made for you.


How has AI impacted content writing and creativity in blogging?

AI aids content writers by offering insights and enhancing content quality. It augments efficiency in repetitive tasks, allowing focus on higher-level creativity.

Is the future promising for bloggers leveraging AI?

Yes, leveraging AI enhances SEO strategies and delivers targeted, high-quality content. AI empowers bloggers to engage audiences better and improve overall performance.

Will the fundamentals of blogging remain the same in the future?

The core fundamentals, like quality content and engagement, will persist.
Adaptation to technology and user trends will continue to shape blogging basics.

Are voice-based queries influencing blogging trends?

Yes, the surge in voice-based queries impacts content optimization for conversational search. Optimizing content for voice search becomes pivotal as this trend continues to grow.

Is niche-specific blogging still relevant in 2023?

Niche blogs cater to specific interests, fostering engaged and dedicated audiences. Niche-specific blogs maintain relevance in a landscape saturated with diverse content.


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